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Low Overhead + High Volume = Big Savings

FMW Distributors is a manufacturer's representative for many institutional product lines and has been providing prompt and courteous customer service to Operations and Maintenance Professionals for over twenty four years.  By keeping overhead low and taking advantage of high volume discounts from manufacturers, FMW Distributors is able to offer substantial savings.  For a listing of manufacturers represented, please click here





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Pedestal Fans, Warehouse Fans & Blowers

PTAC Units

Transducers, Humidity Transmitters & Current Switches

Commercial (Disposable, HEPA, Charcoal & Mesh) Filters & Baffles





Precedent 36 through 60 Ton              


HVAC Systems, Heat Pumps, Chillers, Condensers, Air Handlers & Compressors

Gate Valves, Check Valves, Fire Hydrants & Couplings

Lockers, Material Handling, Cabinets

& Bulk Racks

Beverage & Food-Service Equipment



FMW Distributors only sells to other businesses, government agencies and general contractors.  Unfortunately, we do not sell to the general public and cannot drop ship orders to residential addresses, except for orders placed by general contractors.  If shipment is made to a general contractor's residential address, a resale certificate must be faxed prior to placing an order.  Thank you for taking time to visit our website and we look forward to the opportunity of making you a permanent, satisfied customer.


Quick Links (click on pictures for more information)

Lasko Fans

Lasko Fans - FMW Distributors is pleased to offer Lasko Products’ full line of high quality fans, including:  table fans, wall-mount fans, window fans, box fans, pivoting fans, pedestal fans, full-circulation floor fans and commercial grade high velocity fans.  Also available are "all plastic" pedestal fans, which are ideal for penitentiary and hospital settings.

First Co. HVAC - FMW Distributors offers exceptional prices on all First Co. HVAC products, including:  Ceiling Fan Coils, Wall Air Handlers, Closet Air Handlers, Attic Air Handlers, Vertical High Rise Fan Coils, Belt Drive Air Handlers, Floor Consoles
Premaire PTAC Units - FMW Distributors offers great pricing on Premaire PTAC units. Nine (9) different models available, which include a variety of cooling, cool/heat and heat pump options:  7,000 BTU, 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU and 15,000 BTU; 2 KW (7,000 to 9,000 BTU units), 3 KW (7,000 to 15,000 BTU units) and 5 KW (12,000 to 15,000 BTU) heat strips.

Trane HVAC Equipment

Trane HVAC Equipment - FMW Distributors offers exceptional pricing on all Trane HVAC systems, heat pumps, chillers, condensers and air handlers for commercial and industrial buildings.

Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers Chillers - FMW Distributors is an pleased to offer Temptek portable chilllers,  temp control units, process chillers, desiccant dryers, vacuum loaders, presside granulators, pump tank stations and cooling tower systems.

Trane, York & Carrier Compressors

Replacement Compressors - FMW Distributors sells quality replacement HVAC and refrigeration compressors used in institutional settings at huge discounts.  Replacement compressors are available for Carrier, Copeland, Trane and York.

Thermostats and other HVAC supplies - FMW Distributors offers outstanding savings on products from the following manufacturers:  Allanson Trans, Argo, Barber-Colman, Beckett, Bell & Gossett, Honeywell Braukmann, Conbraco, Erie, Fenwal, Firmatic, General, Hago, Honeywell, KMC Kreuter Controls, Mag Light, Maidomist, Petrometer, Rib Relays, Safgard, Skuttle, Spirovent, Taco, Testo, Trion Air Cleaners, Watts and White-Rodgers.

AWWA Valves & Fire Hydrants - FMW Distributors is proud to offer United Water Products valves and fire hydrants at significant savings when compared to equal products from other manufacturers.

Modine Heaters - FMW Distributors offers exceptional pricing on all Modine HVAC applied products and unit heaters. Natural/Propane gas unit heaters, duct furnaces, electric heaters, fuel oil heaters, infrared heaters, steam/hot water unit heaters, make-up air units, hydronic applied products, ductless split ceiling cassettes, chilled water unit ventilator.

King Electric Heaters - FMW Distributors is pleased to offer great pricing on all King Electric heating products, including:  wall heaters, kickspace heaters, architectural heaters, portable heaters, baseboard heaters, cover heaters, draft barriers, utility heaters, radiant heaters, stainless steel heaters, unit heaters, plenum heaters, cabinet heaters, electric furnaces, explosion proof unit heaters, ceiling heaters, water heater boiler conversions, portable fan heaters and floor heating systems.

Detectors Siemens - FMW Distributors offers great savings on Siemens fire safety products, including:  Conventional panels, conventional detectors, addressable panels, addressable detectors, emergency voice systems, emergency alarm communication systems, fire safety detection systems, notification appliances, door holders, power supplies, digital communications, air sampling, air duct detectors & smoke detectors.
Edsal Platform Truck

Edsal Manufacturing - FMW Distributors offers unbeatable prices on Edsal platform trucks, mobile maintenance benches, mobile service benches, service carts, service trucks, tool stands, tool totes, welded trucks, welded tables, welded carts, hand trucks, z-beam bulk racks, specialty racks, e-racks, bin units, steel drawer units, industrial mezzanine shelving, pallet racks, safety cabinets, mobile storage cabinets and welded bin cabinets.  Edsal offers the best quality storage systems and industrial furniture available.

Howard Industries Ballasts

Howard Industries Ballasts - FMW Distributors is an authorized distributor for Howard Industries, a leading manufacturer of electronic ballasts, refrigeration ballasts, magnetic ballasts, magnetic sign ballasts, fluorescent ballasts and HID ballasts.

Setra Sensing Solutions - FMW Distributors is an authorized distributor for Setra Sensing Solutions, which manufactures rugged pressure transducers, humidity transmitters, current switches, current transducers, submersible pressure transducers and calibration equipment.

Honeywell Micro Switches

Honeywell Micro Switch™ - FMW Distributors, Inc. offers excellent prices on over 2,200 Honeywell Micro Switch™ AML pushbutton, AML paddle, AML rocker and AML keylock switches, and AML switch components

Easter Owens Touchbolt Switches

Easter-Owens TouchBolt™ Control Switches and Modules - FMW Distributors is an authorized distributor for Easter-Owens and is pleased to offer Easter-Owens TouchBolt™ products, Easter-Owens TouchBolt™ switches and control modules, Easter Owens TouchBolt™ control switch, Easter Owens TouchBolt™ assembly, Easter Owens touch controllers, Easter Owens switch modules, Easter Owens control module and Easter Owens lighting modules.

Mallory Sonalert Devices

Mallory Sonalert™ Sound Devices - FMW Distributors, Inc. offers exceptional prices on Mallory Sonalert® audible alert siren products.

Adams Electronics Metal Detectors

Adams Electronics Hand Held Metal Detectors - FMW Distributors is pleased to offer quality Adams Electronics hand held metal detectors at the best prices available.


Product Lines and Manufacturers

Master Distributor Pricing

As a master distributor, FMW Distributors receives the lowest pricing available from the following manufacturers and passes the savings on to its customers:


Brinkman (flashlights and spotlights)

Cutter-Spectrum (SkinsationsTM insect repellants and insecticides)
e-Danyl-Schlumberger (magnetic stripe access cards)
Easter-Owens (
Easter-Owens TouchBolt™ products, Easter-Owens TouchBolt™ switches and control modules, Easter Owens TouchBolt control switch, Easter Owens TouchBolt assembly, Easter Owens touch controllers, Easter Owens switch modules, Easter Owens control module, Easter Owens lighting modules)

Edsal Manufacturing (commercial grade shelving, racking and storage systems)

First Co. HVAC (fan coils, air handlers, floor consoles)

Howard Industries (ballasts - electronic, refrigeration, magnetic, sign & HID)

King Electric (heaters & thermostats)

Lasko Products (fans - industrial & institutional)

Modine HVAC (applied products and unit heaters)

Sandusky Lee (audio / video cabinets, cabinets, carts / stands, classic series, computer security, Elite Series, File-N-Storage, flat file cabinets, janitorial / supply cabinet, KD/Snapit, keyless entry storage cabinets, laptop security, lateral files, media storage, paper storage, plasma/LCD enclosures, radius bookcases, radius edge storage, safety cabinets, See-Thru Series, sliding door storage, steel desks, storage lockers / shelving, system series, transport series, value series, wall cabinets, welded bookcases, welded booktrucks)

Setra Sensing Solutions (pressure transducers, humidity transmitters, current switches, current transducers, submersible pressure transducers and calibration equipment)

Trane HVAC (air conditioning and heating equipment)




Product Lines

Access Control, Actuators, Air Compressors, Air Conditioners, Air Distribution Equipment, Air Filters (HVAC), Air Handlers, Asset Tracking Hardware, Audible Beepers, Bags (Duffle & Tote), Ball Valves, Ballasts, Batteries, Blowers, Boilers & Boiler Parts, Breakers (Circuit), Cabinets & Storage Shelving, Cable, Cameras (Security), Check Valves, Circuit Breakers, Communications (Intercom) Equipment, Compressors (Air, HVAC & Refrigeration), Condensing Units, Control Valves, Controlling Equipment, Convectors, Cooling Towers, Copying Cards (Library), Cords (Electric), CRT Monitors, Degreaser (Lift Station), Deli Cases, Electronic Components, Emergency Lighting, Fans (Industrial & Institutional), Fan Coils, Filters (Air, Water & Oil), Flashlights, Firefighting Equipment & Supplies, Fluorescent Lighting, Furnaces, Gas Detectors, Gate Valves, Gauges, GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Systems, Globe Valves, HVAC Compressors, HVAC Units (Split & Unitary Systems), Hand Held Metal Detectors, Heat Exchangers, Heaters, Heating Panels, Holsters, Ice Making Machines, Indicating Devices, Insect Repellent, Intercom Equipment, Lamps/Light Fixtures, Lockers, Locksets (Institutional), Magnetic Strip Copying Cards (Library), Metal Detectors (Hand Held) Metering Pumps, Meters, Micro-Switches, Monitoring Devices, Monitors (Surveillance), Motors, Optical Components, Perimeter Controls, Plug Valves, Police Vests, Power Supply Equipment, Public Works Vests, Pumps (Centrifugal, Circulating, HVAC & Heat), Refrigeration Compressors & Equipment, Remote Equipment Monitoring Hardware, Safety Vests, Setra Sensing, Shelves & Storage Cabinets, Sirens, Smoke Detectors, Surveillance Equipment, Switches (Micro), Thermocouples, Thermostats, Tote Bags, Transducers, Transmitters, Tube Bundles, Tubing, Valves, VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives), Vests (Police, Public Works & Safety), Video Surveillance Receivers/Recorders, Walk-in Coolers.





Accustat, Advanced Transdata, Aerco International, Amarillo Gear, Alfa Laval, Allanson Trans., American Air Filter International, Amtrol, Analog Devices (ADI), Anderson Greenwood, Argo, Asco, Bacharach, Barber-Colman, Barnes & Jones, Baso, Beckett, Belimo, Bell & Gossett, Bemiss-Jason, Bio-Systems Corp., Belden Wire & Cable, Braukmann, Brinkmann, Carrier Corp., Carter Hoffman, Carnes, Catchmaster, Commercial Filters, Conbraco, Copeland, Corbin Russwin, Crimsco Co., Cronatron, Cutter/Spectrum, DeltaTrak Cold Chain Management, Dole Air Vents, Dresser Consolidated, Dwyer Instruments, E-Danyl, Easter Owens, Edsal Manufacturing, Edward Vogt Valve Co.,  Emerson Electric, Emerson Process Management, Erie Controls, Fenwal, Field Controls, Fireye Controls, Firmatic, Firomatic, First Co. HVAC, FLIR Systems, Fobus USA, Fanon Courier, FlowGuard, Flow Technology, Follet Corp., France Transformers, GC Valves, Gall's, Graco, Gar-Ber (Garber) Filters, General Filters, Grundfos Pumps, Hach Company, Hago Nozzles, Harris Calorific, Hayward Tyler, Hoffman, Holman Boiler Works, Honeywell Braukmann, Honeywell International, Honeywell Zoning, Hoshizaki America, Howard Industries, Hubbell, Hussman Refrigeration, Hydrolevel, ICM, IEC Controls, Indeeco, Ingersoll Rand, Intuicom, Iron Horse Safety Specialties, Janitrol AC & Heating, Johnson Controls, KMC/Krueter Controls, King Electric Heaters, Krack, Lasko Products, Liebert Corporation, Lennox Industries, Lucks Company, Lux, Mag-Lite, Maid O’ Mist, Mamac, Manhattan/CDT, Maple Chase, Maxitrol, Maysteel, McDonnell & Miller, Modine HVAC, McQuay International, Morris Kurtzon, New Hermes, New Pig Corp., Omnitronix, Panasonic USA, PSG-Accustat, Parker Solenoids, Petrometer, Pulsafeeder, Pyco, Quiet-One, R.R. Brink Locking Systems, Ranco, Rauland Borg, Revco Technologies, Rib Relays, Ring Communications, Robertshaw Controls, Rosemount Measurement, Royal Filter Mfg. Co., Royal Lock, Rubatex Corp., Safgard, Safeguards Technology, Sandusky Lee Storage, Schlumberger Danyl, Scotsman Ice Systems, Scully, Seal-Rite Plastics, Setra Sensing, Skuttle, Sparco, Spirotherm, Spirovent, Stoelting Co., Suntec, Taco, Tamper Pruf, Screws, Tecumseh Products Co., Teledyne Halco, Tekmar, Tennessee Mat, Testo, Thorpe Products, Tjernlund, Tramex, Trane Company, Trion Air Cleanters, U.S. Electrical Motors, Vent-Rite, Veris Industries, Victory Refrigeration, Walworth Valves, Watts Regulator, Webster, Wells Lamont Corp., Westron Lighting, White Rodgers, Wilson-Mohr, York Int’l Corp.




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