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Siemens Building Technologies Fire Safety Equipment

FMW Distributors offers exceptional pricing on many Siemens Building Technologies fire safety products.


FMW Distributors only sells to other businesses, government agencies and general contractors.  Unfortunately, we do not sell to the general public and cannot drop ship orders to residential addresses, except for orders placed by general contractors.  If shipment is made to a general contractor's residential address, a resale certificate must be faxed prior to placing an order.


Fire Safety Products



Conventional Panels & Detectors



SXL Conventional Panel


The SXL-EX is the most basic member of the Fire Safety family of fire alarm control systems. Incorporating innovative, high quality design, SXL-EX will provide years of reliable fire protection in small buildings and structures. The SXL-EX was developed to meet the varied fire detection needs of schools, municipal buildings, nursing homes, apartment buildings, warehouses, small office buildings and department stores, virtually anywhere a cost efficient, general purpose fire control panel is required.


Features/Benefits of SXL-EX Series

  • 4 Zones-Expandable to 8 Zones

  • Microprocessor Based Control

  • Factory Programmed Field Configurable

  • Series 3 and Series 11 Compatible Detectors and Accessories * NEW

  • 2 Style Y Notification Appliance Circuits Multi-Option Programmable

  • 3 Amps indicating and Auxiliary Power

  • 24 and 60 hour Battery Backup

  • Subsequent Alarm and Trouble with 24 hour reminder

  • 8 Form C Relay Output Option

  • 220/240 VAC, 50 HZ Power Supply Option

  • Remote Serial Annunciator Option

  • Sprinkler supervisory Service

  • One person Test Feature

  • Non-Silenceable Bell Service * NEW

  • Alarm Verification by Zone * NEW

  • Zone/Output bypass Feature

  • UL/ULC Listed

  • 230 Vac/50 HZ Power Supply Option

  • Inherently Power Limited Per NEC 760

  • Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory Last Event Records


System 3 Conventional Panel

Siemens System 3

Introduced in the late 1960s, System 3 is the most successful system ever from Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., Fire Safety. At the time it revolutionized the concept of modular design, which enabled each system to be specifically designed and customized to meet the customers' application needs. System 3 continues to endure as one of the most popular systems, due to its inherent simplicity and reliability.



Conventional Detectors




The Fire Safety's conventional detectors are the most sophisticated in the market today. The conventional series of detectors all have been designed for a high level of sensitivity to be used with Fire Safety's systems for use in a wide range of commercial, institutional and industrial applications. The conventional series of detectors include Ionization, Photoelectric, and Thermal. The PE series detectors are Photoelectric with an advanced photo chambers designed to be highly immune to false alarms.




Initiating Devices


Initiating Devices


The conventional initiating devices include a broad range of detectors for every application - ion, photo, and thermal detectors, as well as infrared detectors, beam detectors, ultraviolet detectors, and others.



Emergency Voice & Alarm Communication Systems



FireFinder XLS Voice - Systems/Intelligent


FireFinder XLS Voice


FireFinder Voice (XLSV) integrated Digital Emergency Voice Evacuation system can make all the difference for faster and easier building evacuation. Ideal for highly populated building and complexes delivering crystal-clear, multiple and simultaneous messages to various locations, live or prerecorded. Multi-functional audio channels can be used for emergency evacuation and as an everyday building communication.


MXLV - Systems/Intelligent



The MXLV is a complete package - combining emergency voice evacuation with reliable fire protection. It's the one system that can meet the requirements of a wide range of applications- from the smallest office building, the tallest high rise, the largest convention center, a health care facility, a school or university, airport or a hotel concerned with early warning and evacuation. The flexibility of the MXLV makes it easily expandable at any range, eliminating costly upgrading or retrofitting in the future.


Features/Benefits of MXL Series



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