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Honeywell Advanced Manual Line Micro Switch® Products

For great prices on over 2,200 Honeywell AML (Advanced Micro Line) Micro Switch® pushbutton, paddle, rocker and keylock switches and switch components, phone 936-582-4616, or send your RFQs via fax to 936-448-4699Please note there is a $150 minimum order for Micro Switch® products (Government agencies are exempt from this minimum order).


FMW Distributors only sells to other businesses, government agencies and general contractors.  Unfortunately, we do not sell to the general public and cannot drop ship orders to residential addresses, except for orders placed by general contractors.  If shipment is made to a general contractor's residential address, a resale certificate must be faxed prior to placing an order.



Micro Switches


Special Discounts for Criminal Justice Facilities


The Honeywell AML Micro Switch® product line includes pushbutton, paddle, rocker & keylock switches that are divided into several different Micro Switch™ Series (i.e., AML11, AML12, AML13, AML14, AML15, AML16, AML21, AML22, AML23, AML24, AML25, AML26, AML27, AML31, AML32, AML33, AML34, AML35, AML36, AML41, AML42, AML45, AML51, AML52, AML53, AML54, AML55, AML56, AML59, AML61, AML71, AML76, AML79, AML91).  Due to the numerous variations and complexity of AML switches, regrettably, we are unable to provide assistance with determining part numbers; however, we can guarantee that you will be very pleased with our low prices for these switches.



Requests For Quotes


RFQs may be faxed to 936-448-4699.


Quotes will be responded to within 24 hours. 


If you have an emergency RFQ, please phone 936-582-4616. 



Please note we will need complete AML P/Ns in order to offer a quote.  Due to the numerous variations and complexity of AML switches, we are unable to provide assistance with determining part numbers.


Minimum order for AML switches is $150 and quantity minimums may also apply.




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